Wednesday, May 11, 2011


my darling wife,

on the eve of this long deployment ending, and this being only my second post ever, there are a few things i wanted to share with you.  i've been deployed now for nearly 9 months, though we've been apart for nearly a year and a half if you include the work-up.  i have to admit, it was the longest most arduous year and a half of my life.

now that we're moving in together, again, i feel a sense of renewal...a new beginning.  this time apart has tought me that my love for you is enduring, and it has only grown stronger with time.  you make me so proud in everything you do.  you are a strong, talented woman, and i am privileged to call you my wife.

so from here forward i promise to do all i can to keep you happy. i will not get upset when clothes are left scattered about the bedroom; i will bite my tongue when the dog piddles on the carpet; i will even keep my mouth shut when you lose your car keys for 3 hours just to find them in your purse.

all i ask for is one simple request in return...

will you join me for a trip to Italy this fall?  all you can eat gelato is on me!

love always,
your husband

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