Sunday, January 24, 2010

sick bay

bad news.

ellie, our sweet girl dog, is SICK.
like really sick.
we think her kidneys may be failing.

we're taking her to see a specialist on wednesday.
people have asked me if there kidney transplants or dialysis for dogs....
the truth is, i don't know,
but i would elect for either if it would help her feel better.
she is the greatest dog
 and has been my little friend for six years.

please hope for the best!


Al said...

Some info (if you can bear to read it) about kidney failure in dogs and what you can do. It has some good suggestions for how to treat it in the absence of kidney transplant.

Re: kidney transplant- apparently it is super expensive ($10k+) with a not great success rate.


eliz said...

I still can't believe that little sweetie is so sick. I hope the doctors have some good things to say for her. It's not fair. She's only six!

Beth said...

Thanks, guys! Alison, I've read that article; it's one of the best that we've found. Hopefully the vet visit will be as informative in terms of how they can help her...

Al said...

I also heard fish oil and vitamin E, which, if you view my blog, I am clearly a fan of for anything.

I hate that poor little Ellie is so sick :(

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