Saturday, April 24, 2010

The New GI Bill

i can't tell you how much i wish we'd had this book in september '09:

of course, it's completely understandable why we didn't.
the terms of the new gi bill are....well, {new}. and different.
so there was a lot of trial-by-fire learning that had to take place.

for example, did you know that if you are a spouse of an active duty military member - or, an active duty military member yourself - your tuition is 100% covered?
not, as advertised by the va website, covered up to the highest public, in-state tuition in your state.
but totally covered. paid for. 100%.     f-r-e-e    for you.

hmm. i'm starting to sound a little like this guy:

time to sign off, i think.

but get the book. or email me with questions about our experience at:
brs35 at georgetown dot edu.


Jesse and Marissa said...

I need to get that book!

Hey I gave you a blog award :)

tye said...

B, seriously you need to introduce me to some of your military friends before i start business school

Beth said...

yes, the single ones with GI bill eligibility!

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