Saturday, December 11, 2010


i am in my late twenties
and i have never
shared a closet.
true story.

in my defense
remember that mike and i haven't lived together for awhile
and when we last did,
we had an actual house
and we each got our own office...and our own storage space.

but soon enough, my spoiled rottenness will come to an end.
we will not have separate offices in our little, i mean, condo
and we'll both have to get our things in here.

in preparation for the fact
that i'll eventually have to share with someone
{and because it keeps me from thinking about
how much looooonger this deployment is}
this weekend, i started trying to "fit" a second person into my bedroom.

let's just say that this level of cleaning & clearing
takes a lot longer than i thought,
and it seems to be making things worse
before it makes them better.
cases in point:

oh, well.
rome wasn't built in a day.
{and cleopatra didn't clean her closet out for mark anthony in a weekend.}

back to work!


Marine Wife Unplugged said...

So funny! Why? Because I've never had my own closet. It'll grow on you. :)

Holly said...

I feel for you. I had to learn to share too.

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