Wednesday, January 19, 2011

march on

did you ever hear that joke?
the one that goes:

q: how many marines/soldiers can you fit into a humvee?
a: one more!

well, it turns out the same is true if you substitute “shoes” for marines/soldiers
and “already overstuffed suitcase” for humvee.
but i did it.
pretty sure it’s going to be a bullet on my resume:
“possesses outstanding skills in the field of expeditionary packing..."
it's the little victories that count, right?

it does feel odd to be hitting the road
so abruptly after this awful weekend.
but i think it will be good for me.
i'll break my routine, which will keep me from thinking so much
about how ellie isn't in it anymore.
(now i just have to keep from being that weird girl
who spontaneously breaks into tears on the airplane).


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