Sunday, January 23, 2011

a photo per diem

i've seen many excellent photo 365 projects out there
where the blog authors sign up to post one picture (taken by themselves, of course) every day.
[for one of the best examples, visit young retiree {elizabeth} here
to see her daily photo capture while her husband is deployed.]

while the idea seemed a little ambitious for me at first
(i can barely make my bed most days),
i'm starting to see the appeal.
my day isn't always interesting enough to write about,
but it's usually enough of a spectacle to photograph.

so here goes...
day one, hut!
(sorry....had to make at least one football reference on playoff day.)

today's photo is of our living room mantle
with stockings still hung by the chimney with care.

i don't usually like to extend christmas into valentine's day,
but you know.....
sick dog, deployed spouse, multiple TAD trips, new semester....
it's been a little hectic.
these things get away sometimes, right?

who else is doing something like this?
any tips for a beginner?

1 comment:

♥ Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the shout out! Don't feel bad: My Christmas tree is still up and is going to be until Hubs comes home (during the summer!) I'm sure that will make a guest appearance later on in my pictures!

Somedays it is really hard to come up with a picture: don't get discouraged though! Even if it's kind of quirky or (lame), I sometimes just grab a dog and take a picture :)

Good luck! I can't wait to see them!

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