Sunday, January 2, 2011

soup sandwich

we just got back from nyc
{for nye}
and as usual, had an amazing time.
photos to come once i get them edited.

unfortunately, i came home to a hot wreck:
ellie girl is hospitalized for advanced kidney disease.
we knew this was coming
(you may recall that we found out she was sick a few months ago),
but that doesn't make it easier.

it's wrenching to watch a loved one suffer.

i get to bring her home tonight, thankfully.
and try to make her life as good as possible
for as long as possible.

and in the midst, i have to try to get back to normal life...
 work. school. meals beyond bagels and pizza.

but between medical drama and not feeling too hot myself,
this place is a mess.
and i'm starting to look like one of those celebs who gets caught wearing no makeup
and lands herself on the cover of US weekly.

[nevermind that i'll never look like miss katie
even with makeup on.]

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