Sunday, February 20, 2011

::twenty five:: photoshop shut-in

did you know
that you can download a trial
of all your favorite adobe software?

unfortunately, i do know.
it's unfortunate because i've barely left my computer
since i got photoshop elements.

if i hadn't been to the gym twice,
i might even feel bad about this.

but since i have been to the gym,
and since i now have a photo that looks like this:

i'm just going to embrace my inner geek.

(but if i don't show up to work on tuesday,
could someone please come get me??)

1 comment:

New Girl on Post said...

Did you also know you can find Photoshop Elements on Ebay for about $50? I got mine from there, cheaper than the PX which was $99.

I love Elements, I'm using it right now in fact. :)

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