Sunday, February 13, 2011

::twenty one:: dressed for love

the lovely lady
is hosting a special valentine's edition of all dressed up!

and i've dressed up for love many times....

in this, to get engaged:

in this, to get my marriage license:

and in this, for our anniversary wedding:

but when the husband called from overseas
to wish happy valentine's day,
i was still in my cozy/cold-weather/walk-the-dog clothes,
and that was just fine....

-sweater: old navy - cords: j crew -
-socks: base xchange -
-wedding ring: blue nile -

and that's love for me -
when your style is whatever fits at the moment -
ruffles, ripped sweaters, whatever -  
you're still adored for what's underneath the clothes. a manner of speaking.

happy valentine's day.....
wishing you {love}!
(and link up!)


No Model Lady said...

This post is so perfect:)

Candace said...

I agree. Perfection. :)

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