Saturday, February 26, 2011

::twenty....oh, who knows.

the title sounds a liiiiittle apathetic today,
even though i'm in fine spirits.
they're just tired spirits.

i drove north yesterday,
did my jersey-licious thing,
and drove home today in gale force winds.
[for real....i consulted the chart.]

towards the end of the drive,
i was enamored with the twilight sky:

naturally, i pulled over to get this.
{admit were wondering.}
and i would've kept on snapping
if i hadn't been interrupted by highway safety patrol.

it wasn't even a cop,
just the helpful dude in neon clothes with a tow truck,
but by how i acted,
you would've thought i was being interviewed by the kgb.

safety patrol: *knock knock*
me: $%&!. *rolls down window*
sp: you alright, ma'am?
me: ahhh, yes, i just.....needed a moment! i'mleavingnowipromise!
sp: well, okay. just wanted to make sure you're alright.
me: i'm fine! i'mgoingrightnowreally!

lesson: i am extra awkward when i'm tired.
hopefully i'm never in a hostage situation where sleep deprivation is used.

wishing you a weekend of rest!


Beckie said...

Gorgeous picture!

Also, I was LMAO over that story. I would've been the same way, tired or not. The only time I ever got pulled over I kept giggling hysterically. I'm glad he didn't think I was drunk or high..

laureldandelions said...

Beth, I love your writing! I'm new to the military life, so it's nice to read about what it's like for other women. That email from your husband was so cute! He really loves you. And I'm a little jealous you can see the sky! I'm at Great Lakes and it just snows and snows and snows...

JennyO said...

roflmao too funny, wonder if he actually saw you taking pics and was wondering WHAT you were doing!
Great photo and I love that it was done on the freeway ;)

The Smith's said...

loved the photograph, it is important to take the time for the little things when we are busy or tired, so glad you did! (thanks for your comment on my blog)

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