Wednesday, March 23, 2011


via afp

have you been watching the news on libya?
i have. like it's my second job.
without jeopardizing opsec, i can tell you,
part of my fascination is personal.
you know. personal.

but the other part my interest is just the pure, fascinating drama
of the libyan rebellion.

it started out as legitimate protests against a socialist leader
and accelerated into near civil war,
with untrained civilians taking up arms against professional warfighters.
and swirling all around them:
a political debate of global proportions.
most of the world's free nations deliberating what their role ought to be in this fight.

can you imagine?

no. we can't.
it might as well be happening in another dimension -
a certifiably insane head of state versus a band of citizen underdogs,
and every Western nation on the planet watchng.
we can't imagine.
thank god.

most of us can't imagine waking up to gunfire at 0200,
or being publicly and physically threatened by our nation's leader,
or seeing our playgrounds turned into battlegrounds.
we're just that fortunate.

for now, we can (and we will)
continue to watch.

and debate.

{and pray.}

1 comment:

laureldandelions said...

Thanks for writing this! I honestly just don't always have my head in the game (not like you do) and I like the way you spelled out the situation.

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