Thursday, March 31, 2011

your blog {and mine}, reviewed

the lovely blog guidebook
has been offering a blog critique service lately,
and out of overwhelming curiosity,
i went for it.

i wasn't sure what to expect...
and if you're interested, here's the essentials of what you get:

i. a numeric review of various factors in your, content, etc.
ii. an overall assessment: 'leave it!' or 'room for improvement'
iii. positive and constructive feedback

surprisingly (to me, at least),
we got high marks on everything.
with one glaring exception:
social media.
as in, we're not doing it.
and that's no good.


i have to be honest:
social media for blogging is starting to freak me out.
only because there are so many options.

networked blogs
SITS girls
business 2 blogger

if you have a job,
or a toddler,
or are going to school
or any combination of these,
you, like me, are probably just grateful to get 5 hours of sleep a night.
{and somehow find time to write a post
for your deployed husband, who is asking for another one.}

so how does a good blogger make time for all this web networking?

or it is easier than i think it is?


laureldandelions said...

Meh...isn't media advertising more for making profit from your blog? My review: I looove your blog and honest writing and the fact that your husband reads every post :)

The Sometimes Single Mom said...

I have a blogfrog account but rarely use it, I'm apart of "Theta Mom" but find myself unable to spend a lot of time browsing, I have twitter and use it quite a bit (Bonnie_MH is my handle), I'm apart of the Clever1000 and I get emails from them on occasion and to be quite honest it is difficult to keep up with anything with my two crazies and school work (studying psychology).

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