Saturday, March 26, 2011

your skin is {gorgeous}

if you happen to be in fredericksburg, va
par-taying on the battlefields in your tri-cornered hat....

you should stop by the looking glass
and visit my girl, val.

she's a phenomenally talented aesthetician
who's been doing wonders for me for years.
{more so lately than normal.....
if i didn't get her help soon, i'd be wearing a burqa to the husband's homecoming.}

she'll take the time to walk you through your options,
and she's extremely detailed and thorough.
if that weren't enough,
her services are totally affordable.
i almost didn't believe this when i saw it:

Initial Facial Offer Includes:

{One Hundred Dollars, Two and a Half Hours}

Intake Interview: Objectives & Solutions
Cleanse and Assess
Appropriate Exfoliation
Corrective Masque Steamed Towel
Extractions as Necessary
Brow Groom
Under Eye Lymph Drain
One Zone Facial Sculpting
Custom Facial: Correct Feed Protect
Concluding Dialogue
Trial Size Products for Your Scenario

say wha??
that kind of pampering
can run at the same price as a coach bag in some places.
nothing beats beauty that won't break the bank.
{go 'head....say that five times fast.}

this is a totally unsponsored plug, folks -
val's amazing
and she'll do great things for your pretty face.

you're welcome. : ) 

1 comment:

Al said...

Is this something that would be fun to do with someone else or is it more individual? If it's a visiting-friendly kind of thing, we should do this! I would be game, and God knows my skin needs some TLC lately.

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