Thursday, April 14, 2011

a {nod} to temptation

i got this lovely catalog in the mail today
from the land of nod.
have you heard of it?

i've been getting them for the last few months -
an endless array of adorable decor,
clothes, and gifts
for children.
and although we have none yet,
by virtue of our friends and siblings, we now know plenty of kids.
and these catalogs are great for generating gift ideas.

but for me, they're also pretty good
at generating a little anxiety.
because i'm already challenged to limit my purchases of stuff for myself.

throwing away a restoration hardware catalog
or a j. crew spread
is like an addict washing their stash down the drain.
so hard.
but soooo necessary to the survival of our bank account.
and frankly, of our spirits.
because do we really need all that stuff, anyway?

still, with all this temptation,
what's it going to be like
when i have a super adorable little person to adorn?

i mean, really.
could you resist?

so wish us {luck}!
or better yet,
wish me will power.


Cindy said...

Heres wishing you lots of will power! I haven't seen that particular catalogue, but there is some SWEET stuff out there for babies! It makes a grandma like me go crazy wanting to gift the kids with it. But I can't, so I put it down and WALK AWAY!
Thanks for your very sweet comments today.
Hugs, Cindy

Kate said...

I know the feeling! It's SOOOOO hard to resist such cute baby things! Thankfully now the J Crew and Banana Republic catalogs I receive have lost their luster since I don't fit into my normal sizes anymore!!! The problems are the Pottery Barn/Ballard Designs catalogs!! Good luck and here's to will power (for both of us!).....

Sarah Ann said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! It was nice to get some feedback from someone who has actually used that flash. And I went and looked up the diffuser you recommended right away. I'm VERY new to photography, and I'm way over my head in all this stuff so it's nice when someone throws in a little "extra" tid bit that I don't know about. :)
That said, I looked around on your blog a little and your posts made me laugh. We're also a military couple without kids yet, just two large fur-babies.
Thanks again for the feedback!

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