Friday, April 22, 2011

of horses and horizons

if you're reading this:
thanks for hanging with me.
i'm discovering that it's tough to be a good manager,
and a good student,
all in the same breath.

something usually has to give.
{guess which one that was lately?}

but i'm here for now...
so time to share some photos!

are there any texas natives reading this?
and if so, can i come live with you?

holy horses.
your state is [ gorgeous.]
i haven't been outside the city in so long,
and it didn't really hit me until i looked up from the range,
the horizon stark black from the lack of city lights,
amidst a star-dotted sky.

this was actually taken at night,
in a cloudy atmosphere
under the harvest moon.

and i made a little friend:

this guy lived outside my hotel.

{ the front yard of my hotel.}
and i might've bribed him with some carrots.
just a few.

all in all,

it was just another week at the office.


Kristi said...

Oh how I miss TX. We've got some beautiful scenery out here too but Texas is IT!

KAE said...

Beautiful pictures! I know how you feel, there is never enough time in the day to do everything!

chambanachik said...

Wow! Love the photos.

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