Saturday, April 2, 2011

these {slippers} were made for walkin'

after my first vegas trade show two years ago,
my feet were dying.
two days of suits, high heels, and lots of walking
and i was ready to cut myself off at the ankles.

refusing to fly home uncomfortable,
{and having failed to pack tennis shoes}
i went in search of a comfy alternative at the nearest gift shop.

enter: my ed hardy lowtops.

i'm not going to lie:
i bought them because they were on sale.
ed's not normally my kind of guy.

and now they're my favorite pair.
comfy. fun. with a twist of badass.
{or as badass as you can be while wearing sequins.}

so this year,
i went back to that gift shop in search of  second pair.

alas, no ed.

but i did find these beauties instead:

equally comfortable...
and they make me feel the opposite of badass.
a little ballerina-ish, actually.

every girl has a favorite pair.
and you might find me packing uncomfortably from now on,
just to find my next!


Dana @ WhatWereWeThinking? said...

I'm not even a sparkly kind of girl & those slippers are adorable! Love them!

AJ and Katy said...

Those flats are absolutely adorable! I love them! I always wear flats to work because I am not a heels all day type of girl but I am having the toughest time finding cute flats right now!

Kindle said...

Can I just say...

Hello Madame Heir to Audrey Hepburn!

Beautiful style!

Beckie said...


Anonymous said...

Let's be serious, the sequins are what make those shoes badass. Right??

No Model Lady said...

Thank heavens you found those fabulous flats!! Ed Hardy is my fashion nemesis. I don't usually use the word hate, but...:)

♥ Dani said...

Ooh, love both these shoes... both kinds are hard to find when you're actually looking for them, but when they aren't what you were picturing, you find them! Really cute. :-)

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