Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cowboy up

*inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *exhale*

that's where we are right now in our lives.
breathe deep, and hang on.

we found out last week that mike is deploying a month early.
so we're preparing at warp speed - 
wills, bank accounts, powers of attorney,
and love.

for mike, it also means six weeks worth of work crammed into two.
briefs. intel products. 0400 reveille.

for me, it's the final week of summer classes
plus briefings tomorrow and thursday
plus more work than i know how to handle.

but most of all, it's gratitude for my husband's sweet words,
"what's the worst that could happen?
we'll get through it."

that's right, babe.
we'll get through it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the sudden change. I'll be praying for ya'll!

Kate said...

You'll get through it! I know it sucks now, but you have the right attitude. Together, you guys CAN do anything...sounds corny but so true! That said, remember to enjoy a few fun date nights before he goes too! AND if you need anything at all, holler!!!

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