Wednesday, August 18, 2010

out of uniform....literally

just because your spouse lives in another state
(or soon, in another continent)

and now you have no one to help you:
 -  clasp your necklaces
 -  button the unreachable buttons

    and otherwise help you get dressed....

    it's no excuse to forget to zip up your dress
    before going to the office.

    not that i know anyone who does that.



    lola said...

    I saw a girl on the metro last year with her dress only halfway zipped up. I let her know and she attempted it and was having a hard time with it. There was an awkward moment of her turning and looking at me as if to ask "this is so strange, I don't know you, and I don't REALLY want to ask you to help me.. buuuut... I need help" and I just said, "here, turn around" and finished zipping her up.

    Girls have to look out for each other!

    Kate said...

    TOO FUNNY!!! And how MANY times does your husband, while zipping said dress up, ask "So, Babe...what do you do when I'm not around?!" My answer is always the same: "Darlin', I just run around naked!" (with a twinkle in my eye of course!)

    Beth, I responded to you on my blog, but I'll paste here too in case you don't see it!

    Sure am: Marine Junior, 1 grandfather and uncle in Navy, 1 grandfather and uncle in Army, I was in the Navy, and my husband still is....I have more deployments under my belt than I know what to do with! :-) In the 2 (and-not-quite-a-half) years we've been married, Hubs and I have spent a whopping 9 months together...and our ENTIRE dating/engagement was long distance It's not always fun, but it IS always ad adventure! If you need ideas for spicing up communication while he's gone, let me know...I've come up with several!!

    Jesse and Marissa said...

    lol! oops ;)

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