Sunday, August 22, 2010

{love} in annapolis

there was lots of love
and good times to be had this weekend
at the naval academy in annapolis, md.

mike and i were there to witness the marriage
of one of my oldest and dearest friends
and his sweet bride.

as usual,
my friend knows how to throw a good party.

who doesn't like a champagne toast at 1300?

and if you've never been to the academy chapel,
you must.

it's majestic in size
and its interior beauty easily rivals that of st. patrick's.

two takeaways:

1. we dig weddings.
there are few things more joyous and hopeful
than seeing one of your good friends so happy.

2. i freaking {love} the vignette camera application on my phone.
my dslr is jealous.

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