Monday, December 27, 2010

merry christmas

so it's monday
and technically a work day
(although you can bet your two front teeth that i am NOT at work}

but i suppose i should emerge from my christmas cocoon
to say {merrrrry} christmas!
hope yours was as relaxing as ours.

and if you were wondering, ours looked a little like this:

it started with mimosas.....
(because what's breakfast without a little booze?)

and christmas greetings....
(apparently this is how the under-25 set celebrates: via text message)

and then moved into eggs benedict.

there was plenty of lounging around....

and playing around....

and we indoctrinated the next generation of marine warriors.

we learned the most important lesson of all:
no matter how many people are on the couch,
there's always room to fit a cuddly dog.

and we did plenty of couch surfing to prove it....
(my brother took home the grand prize in this event.)

there were dogs in cute costumes
(at least momentarily, while they would tolerate it)

and a sweet phone call from overseas...

capped off by a wonderful dinner....

...and.....more time on the couch.

all in all, a pretty stellar weekend.
happy holidays!
to {you} and {yours}.

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