Tuesday, December 28, 2010


it always seems like the week after christmas
is the transition week.
you know?

it's not christmas anymore, but it's not quite new year's
and everyone is still talking about the good stuff.
family time,
delicious food,
and all the fun to come.

and this year, i'm more grateful for this week than ever.
don't get me wrong - christmas is my absolute favorite time of year
and i'll always love it.
but this was a rough one.

because let's just say it:
deployment holidays suuuuuuck.
you're constantly thinking about the spouse in the midst of all the excitement,
what you'd be doing if he/she were there,
ad-sad infinitum.

but thanks to being so close to my family this year,
{and lots of praying and positive thinking}
it felt like we turned a corner around christmas eve-ish.
and we're...
just better.

here's to a better 2011 -
one of honesty,
and homecoming.

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