Saturday, January 15, 2011

chow challenges

i started my get-hot-for-homecoming planning a few months ago:
healthy eating and workouts four to five times a week.
(truthfully, i meant to do this stuff even before the deployment started -
don't we all? -
but i kept using homework as an excuse not to exercise.)

in general, it's going pretty well.
but there are still those things that make it hard to keep at it.
you know: temptations.

such as:

whole foods brand 365 baked potato chips.

i know what you're thinking:
"really? they're baked.
how bad could they possibly be?
get yourself some real junk food, you pansy."

but baked means nothing
when the food in question is laced with crack.
serious. they're totally addictive.
get them out of my house!

crate & barrel chocolate covered toffee.

i think this one goes without saying.
it's like butter covered in chocolate.
i feel a little like homer simpson when i have it.

mmmm, toffee......*drool*

urban decay junkie lip gloss in wallflower

so i'm not actually eating my lip gloss from the tube
it's way delicious.
and i have to reapply way more than normal.
there's a reason it's called "junkie."

what are your favorite temptations?

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