Sunday, January 9, 2011

in praise of nurses

in the continuing saga of ellie girl's kidney disease
she has to receive fluids under her skin (sub-cu fluids, in medical parlance)
every. day.

so there are two ways to make it happen:

a. cart her off to the nearest vet 20 minutes away and pay them $25 per day to do it
b. do it myself

and since tricare doesn't cover sick chihuahuas...
i knew i'd eventually have to go with option bravo.

so for the last couple days,
i've been playing nurse bethie
and dutifully sticking the poor girl with this monster:

okay,'s only an 18 gauge.
but i sure as heck wouldn't want to be poked with it.

and neither does SHE.
which she lets me know by screaming and squirming
so that i mess up at least twice and have to get a new needle.
by the second needle, i'm shaking like a leaf and my stomach is turning somersaults.
and i'm thinking,

good thing i didn't try to go pre-med.
it clearly takes a steadiness of nerves that i don't have.

so to all you nurses and medical staff out there:
bless you.
this stuff is harder than it looks!


A Marine's Wife! said...

oh no! poor puppy!!

Cassie said...

I can't imagine doing that to my puppies!

I'm your newest follower from the mil spouse blog hop. You can follow me at

- Cassie

Hope to follow more of your adventures.

Megan said...

My puppy has diabetes and has to get two shots a day. It really is awful and even after all this time, I feel bad every time I have to stick her! I don't know how nurses and doctor do it!

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