Sunday, January 30, 2011

::eight:: my favorite follower

do you ever feel frustrated with blogging?
like, i-just-want-to-quit frustrated?

for whatever reason -
lack of time,
lack of creative ideas,
lack of energy?

i definitely have, on a few occasions.
at the end of a a long day, i sometimes wonder
'whyyyyy am i doing this?
i can't think of anything to write, i have no good photos, and it's 11:30pm.
no one reads this blasted thing anyway!'

but just as i'm about to abandon my url,
 i'll get an email from a certain marine.....

....which keeps me pretty motivated for good long while.

and so it turns out,
in blogging, as in life,
as long as one person reallllllly loves you,
it's all worth the effort!


Marine Wife Unplugged said...

Because I hate it when people read my blog and don't comment, I'm commenting to let you know I read this, I too get frustrated with blogging from time to time, and YES.. I know how it is to want to quit and then get an email that means the world to you. I'm glad you're still here. :)

Kris said...

I often wonder if anyone is reading and I used to not worry about that. I just make myself realize that I mostly blog for me. I don't think my hubby has ever even looked at my blog - it's so awesome that yours looks forward to seeing it every day!

Christine said...

I also read it regularly, and that email is beautiful! I can picture Mike covering his eyes to wait in anticipation for what he's about to see. Keep it up even when its difficult....Love it!
Cousin Chrissy

No Model Lady said...

Spouse used to say the same thing!! It's totally motivating and I love your blog too!!!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I think we all get frustrated with blogging from time to time. For me, I have to remind myself WHY I started blogging to begin with. Having other people read and comment what I write is just a minor reason. I blog because I love writing, and I express myself much better thru writing than talking. Hang in there and remember WHY you do it. And yes, having that 1 special person reading is definitely all that matters!

Visiting from the weekly roundup. Have a great weekend!

Wife on the Roller Coaster

Consider The Lilies said...

stopping by from No Model Lady.
I love this :) when my hubs tells me he reads my blog it makes my heart so happy.

Heather Lynn said...

Visiting from the Roundup!! This was so sweet it melted my heart. I love when the hubs says something that I put in my blog. He may not be an avid reader but he occasionally checks and it makes me feel sooo special!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Well you made a difference in my world today and I'm a new follower

<3, New Follower

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