Tuesday, February 1, 2011

::ten:: testing my mettle

this cast iron miss
stands at the entrance of my business school.
and i sort of love her.

granted, she's a little plain -
girlfriend could use some accessories -
but she looks so determined.
and when i haul my exhausted tail into the building twice a week at 1830,
i'm looking for some determination inspiration.

more than that,
i don't take for granted that
this side of forty years ago,
she probably wouldn't be there.
women have a significant presence in the working world now
(as all of you entrepreneurs, self-employed photographers, and designers in the blog world can testify),
and our impact on the bottom line is serious business.

here's hoping that my next two years with her
will help me make that kind of impact.
now, if i could just stay awake during microeconomics....

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