Friday, February 4, 2011

::thirteen:: our temporary lodging facility

since the husband deployed,
i've been lucky enough to have not one,
but two temporary roommates.

the first was a good family friend
(and maybe, ahem, someday a full-time family member?
no pressure on my brother-in-law ;-) ).
but sadly, she moved out in january.
i say 'sadly', but that's just me sulking.
because really, it meant an awesome apartment for her in a great neighborhood,
within walking distance to the metro and her new office. (oh, and whole foods.)
who wouldn't be excited about that??

but last month, one of my best friends, kelly
(like, bridesmaid-at-my-wedding best)

photo by storymotion

accepted my offer to move in
while she's on temporary assignment to a nearby base.
and while i'm sure my negotiation skills were very convincing
("c'mon girl, you don't want to commute to work for three hours a day!"),
it wasn't a totally unselfish offer.

because as kelly put it,
"it's kind of cool to come home to a house that's not empty!"
and especially when it's not empty 'cause your best bud is there.
and she will listen to you talk about work/help you eat a pizza/put up with your overly affectionate dog.
(really, i think she kinda likes him.)

no wonder so many people move home during deployments:
roommates are the best.

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SailorWifey said...

Stopping by from the MilSpouse Roundup.It's great you have family and friends around during your deployment. I'm thinking about going home when my hubby deploys this summer. I'd be able to finish up school, be around the people I'm closest to, and we'll be just about finished with this duty station when he gets back anyway. For now I just have slumber parties with those I'm close to out here while he goes back and forth doing workups.

♥ SailorWifey

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