Thursday, February 3, 2011

::twelve:: throwback thursday

got a much appreciated phone call today!
from a lovely (and evidently exhausted) deployed man.

it made me really look forward
to a return to something like this:

this was taken early in our relationship,
and was just one of the many weddings,
and weekends together
that we took for granted all the time.

isn't it funny the things you get nostalgic for during a deployment?
what do you miss most?

1 comment:

jes [a mountain bride] said...

ok - i'm sitting here snuggling up to my hubs watching the Office...he's sleeping with my head on his shoulder. i know i'm so lucky to have this moment.

your blog brought tears, literally tears, to my eyes. you are a strong woman who can see sunshine while your love is far away being brave protecting freedom. i cannot even imagine how hard that must be. my tommy is my happiness.

seriously. you inspire.

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