Tuesday, March 15, 2011

an awkward introduction

dear gentleman at caribou coffee.....

there are these handy little things
called "locks"
that mankind has installed on nearly all doors.
even bathroom ones.

could you please learn how to activate them?
so maybe next time,
we won't have to get to know each other
quite so fast.



Kate said...

Oh my....SAME thing happened to me at J Crew in the dressing room the other day! And the little woman had the nerve to get MAD at me!! Not only was the door unlocked, but I knocked first and SLOWLY opened the door to make sure the room was empty....and do you think she pushed the door back closed and said "Occupied"?! NOPE! Ugh....oh well!

laureldandelions said...

Bwahahah! Sounds so awful!

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