Sunday, March 13, 2011

::twenty....what day am i on again?

i'm probably not the world's worst blogger....
but i'm definitely competing for the title.
whatever happened to my photo-a-day goal?

in the spirit of getting back on the saddle,
here's an idea of how i spent my saturday morning:

this cutie is my college roommate's daughter.
i've known her since she was just 8 weeks old,
an adorable, but mostly sleeping, little lump.
and now she's a running, climbing, tossing, throwing,
singing, talking, beaming little person.

i know that kids are born every day,
but somehow, that doesn't take away from how amazing it is
to see them grow up.
or watch them master the next task.
what is it that's so exciting
about hearing them guess the color correctly - "blue" - for the first time?
or so compelling
about seeing them look around for their mom or dad?

maybe it's because you're seeing the world through new eyes -
a window into a world that we adults just don't remember.

the only thing i can say for sure
is that i'll remain full of awe for these tiny accomplishments!
and a grateful spectator.


McDancer said...

I'm amazed daily at watching my little one grow into a real person lol. Your roommate's daughter is adorable!

laureldandelions said...

What a cutie!

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