Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dressed for speed

you're about to get a look
at my no-kidding, absolute all-time favorite outfit.
readyyyyyyy, go:

no joke. this is the best for me.

after starting grad school,
i made every excuse in the book to ignore my health,
most commonly: i have to do homework.

but when the deployment started, i had to deal with the stress somehow.
and studying just wasn't cutting it in the catharsis department.
so instead: running.

-top: tj maxx-pants: ross-
-heart rate monitor: timex-sneakers: amazon (reebok runtone) -

it's been a saving grace for me:
even on my worst days,
when i just want to quit,
i feel a little bit stronger knowing that, in a few hours,
i get to put on these clothes,
and leave it all behind.

go ahead: show off your favorite outfit -
link up with lady!


Consider The Lilies said...

I love it! I'm glad you've found something to help you cope with this deployment!

Candace said...

and you look completely beautiful!! :)

The WholeFamDamily said...

one day i will be able to leave my behind...behind and look like you in my workout clothes, hahaha! i was literally JUST THINKING that i need to go to ross or tjmaxx to find some more exercise clothes, i'm so going too for sure now!!i'm trying to not EAT as a stress reliever during deployment and EXERCISE more...i'm doing good on the exercise, so...ya. hahahahaha

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