Wednesday, March 2, 2011

something old, something new

the dc area is a second hand lover's dream,
and diva consignment in alexandria is one of the best.

i spraypainted tried on this dress there this weekend....

definitely a contender for the husband's homecoming.

-dress: consigned sandra angelozzi - shoes&jacket: target-
-earrings: kohl's - watch: tourneau -

it's work in progress, and in serious need of some color.

i covet these:

-via-enzo angiolini

and i almost took home these babies:

but i held off for now.
because there's wayyyy too much talk
of a government shut-down lately.

pass a budget, congress!
 or i'll be roaming the streets in two weeks with a sign like this:

link up with lady
for more adorable {and affordable} dress!


Haute Deb Designs said...

I just visited DC for the first time and stayed in Alexandria. I wish I would've known about their great shopping! Actually, maybe it's better that I didn't ;)

No Model Lady said...

I hate the congressional shenanigans!! Spouse was in the process of interviewing for a bunch of federal law enforcement jobs that are now all in limbo!!

LOVE that dress, though:)

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