Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what's on my phone: or-so-i-thought edition

i'm linking up with jess today
for some what's-on-my-phoneness!

today's edition is part ii in a saga.
{does it sound more dramatic that way? 'cause it's not really.}
remember when the husband's dog
chewed a hole in the carpet? kinda like this?

it turned into a small dilemma.
we're not ready to replace the carpet,
but i can't let the dog keep chewing it.
so what to do?
just put something over the hole that the dog can't eat.

that's a pretty short list.

i finally settled on this:

i know....this is redneck.
metal step ladders don't make classy decor.

but it's just meant to be a short term fix.
and no lie, it was the only thing in the house
that i figured he couldn't chew apart.

until today, when i came home to this:

and what do you suppose these rubber thingies used to belong to?

rest in peace, step ladder stoppers.
clearly that idea was neither classy nor clever.

soooo, if i don't blog for a few days,
could someone please make like a domino's delivery person
and come check on me?
there's a good chance i could be eaten by a wild dog.

1 comment:

Annie said...

awww.. i grew up with a crazy dog like that! good luck!! :)

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