Monday, February 28, 2011

postmark: waiting

dear marine corps,
how've you been?
a little short on money, i heard.
{it's ok. you still look good.}

but let's cut right to the chase:
we want our pcs orders, please.
like, yesterday.

i realize you and i have been together a long time.
(twenty eight years, to be exact).
and i've grown to love you a lot -
you're dedicated, courageous,
and you throw some pretty awesome parties every november.

that being said,
you know how i get when i really want something.
{*cough* like my husband to be stationed with me again, *cough*.}
so let's not make this difficult.
just hand over the orders,
and everyone stays happy.

k, thankksssss.

if you have a letter you want to write but won't send,
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McDancer said...

Love that picture! Hope orders come soon.

Kate said...

Good luck! We're still waiting too. That said, Hubs got an email saying that due to the Continuing Resolution, orders wouldn't be cut until the 2-month (or less) mark... We are due to PCS in late June, so by late April, we'll get the 8-week notice (and that would be good, supposedly). I know it's frustrating...I'll about to pull my hair out over it, but that is what we're hearing!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I hope you get orders soon! I hate the waiting. Been there done that. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for linking up with me!

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