Saturday, April 9, 2011

local {flavor}

ever notice how each military town has its quirks?
the things that make it uniquely what it is...
and when your friends announce their next duty station,
you can name all of its distinguishing traits.

por ejemplo...

if you ever visit jacksonville, nc....
proud home of a Marine base,
and a quiet small town,
you’ll probably notice an abundance
of three kinds of places:

i. auto shops
ii. furniture stores
iii. strip joints

given how prevalent these places are
surely, a person could be forgiven
for thinking that an establishment called “Driftwood”
falls into category two.

and that person would be wrong.
because it belongs
to category three.

(or, as my teammate explained it,

sure, that place sells furniture!
like tall metal poles. and "pillows".)


luckily, i got educated before i went in to look for a new ottoman.

close call.


Annie said...

Haha. Have you ever lived in jville?? Lol. Its unique.

What other duty stations have you been to? Any similarities between them?

MrsMcDancer said...

Lol. Glad you didn't learn the hard way. I think the lack of windows would have made me wonder ;-)

The Sometimes Single Mom said...

LOL I think *every* military installation has their fair share of strip joints or "holes in the walls". When we were at Benning, pretty much everything on Victory Dr. was off limits... and that was the road you met leaving post.

This American Wife said...

Hahahaha! Love it!

Julie said...

MY fiance described to me the three things a military town always has...
1. strip joints
2. wedding chapels
3. divorce lawyers.

I am happy you didn't walk into the place!

Kindle said...


What an appropriate name!

Annie said...

Well jville is our first duty station. :) not sure for how much longer... I've been here about a year.

Yeah, I've always wondered about the others... lol. Glad to know they are all different ;)

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