Wednesday, April 6, 2011

shabby {chic}

now really, Lady.
you know i already like you, right?
you didn't need to include a discount to shabby apple
in your dressed up post this week.

*sigh*. alright.
i'll use it.

twist my arm.

in honor of lady's generosity,
i'm pulling out my shabbiness...
even if the weather is still a little chilly for bare legs.

- dress:shabby, what else? -
- shoes:target -
- bracelet: thrifted - pearls: gifted -

not sure that they still offer this style,
but the lindy hop is pretty similar.

{and ps to my dear husband...
this lovely is going on our honeymoon with us.
if you get my drift.}

{and i will even strike that pose for you.}


No Model Lady said...

Haha!! I cannot wait to see you bring that post to life! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful, refined look. Very pretty.

Allison said...

Ahh, Bethany you are so cute! I wish wish wish I had your style :) I try but am pretty sure I fail miserably...

Shelly said...

Love that dress; it looks great on you. I have a Shabby Apple dress waiting for homecoming in a few weeks. I'm afraid I'm totally going to be over dressed, but I don't really care. I just hope it impresses DH.

Cindy said...

You look lovely in that gorgeous dress.

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